Outdoor Rated 40″ wide and 12″ deep electric fireplace – The Panorama Series of built-in electric fireplaces have been designed to give you the maximum in flexibility in selecting a unit that perfectly suits your needs.

Full Frame Viewing Area
The Panorama Series give you multiple length and depth options as well as giving you the ability to install your fireplace with your choice of finishing material built right to the glass for a “clean face” design or using the provided black metal surround. Your choice – your design!

A Kaleidoscope of colour
Featuring the vibrant Fire & Ice flame set, with just a click of your remote you can easily change the flame colour from blue to purple to violet to orange or yellow.

Note: The Deep and Slim units do not come with a white surround but do feature the newest Dual Flame blue/multi-colour flame presentation and come with large clear glass nuggets, clear & blue diamond fire glass media & log set.


Available in five different sizes:

  1. Outdoor Rated 40″ Deep Electric Fireplace
  2. Outdoor Rated 50″ Deep Electric Fireplace
  3. Outdoor Rated 60″ Deep Electric Fireplace
  4. Outdoor Rated 72″ Deep Electric Fireplace
  5. Outdoor Rated 88″ Deep Electric Fireplace
  • NEW* Multi -Colour Flame: Change from Blue to Purple to Violet, to Golden with just the click of a remote
  • 4 stage front lighting
  • Hard wire ready
  • Front and rear control for flame & heater included
  • Approx. heating area 400-500 sq. ft.
  • Flame operates with or without heat
  • Remote control for flame and heater
    Note: Only WM-BI Models have 13 colours of surround back lighting


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